The Film

Many of our readers have observed that this story is like a movie script. We agree. So we are in the process of laying the groundwork to produce a first-class documentary that will tell this incredible story.

Fortunately, we have ample documentation and evidence to back up every fact as recounted in the book. And we hope that a documentary will be the start of a process that will help make things right for the legions of Lennar victims.

Consider this: Lennar effectively stole nearly one billion dollars from current and prospective retirees who participate in the State of California’s retirement system. How many years of work were required to accumulate those funds? And how many hours did Lennar need to transfer those hard-earned funds to its own bank account?

Since the appointment of Stuart Miller as CEO in 1997, Lennar has left an appalling trail of cheated partners, lenders, contractors, homebuyers, employees, and others.

Evidence abounds regarding Lennar’s legendary abuse of its employees. Statements are routinely posted on websites by current and former employees like “the work environment at Lennar is “rife with fraud”. Working there is a “horrible experience”. “emotionally and mentally devastating”. “They will rip you off and make YOU pay in the end”. “They instilled fear in people”. “the leadership is a bunch of crooks”. “an abusive atmosphere”. “I can’t even begin to express how badly they treat their employees”. “the company is ruthless and uncaring”. These postings tell the story right from the mouths of former and current employees. And who would be in a better position to gauge the character of this company? These current and former employees are in a position to know exactly what they are talking about.

To make this documentary the best and most informative it can be, we will seek financial contributions and input from the many victims of Lennar. This will enable us to produce a hard-hitting and revealing documentary designed to expose these criminals and bring them to justice. If you are a Calpers member, a victim of another Lennar scheme, a litigation target of Lennar, a former or even current employee, an extorted contractor or subcontractor, a swindled homebuyer, help us bring this story to life, and let us be your voice.