The Book

The hardcover and ebook versions of Billion Dollar Lies were published in February of 2015. Since then we have received many helpful comments and, more importantly, we have been provided information on other cases involving Lennar and it’s executives that strongly support and validate the premise of the book: that key Lennar executives routinely use the company to engage in unlawful and unethical behavior, and that Lennar is really two companies: a public homebuilding company and also a private company run for the benefit of CEO Stuart Miller, a few key executives, and friends and associates of Miller.

In fact, this new information, derived from Federal court case files plus internal communications between Lennar lawyers and others, strongly confirms and corroborates all of the principal premises of the book. The evidence is overwhelming. There is no doubt Lennar Corporation and its key executives have engaged in and are continuing to engage in a pattern and practice of fraudulent conduct and racketeering across the country.

An updated version of the book incorporating these new facts and documents is in process and will replace the currently published book. This updated book will then be the basis of a well-researched documentary designed to bring to light and expose the fraudulent and illegal conduct of Lennar and its key executives.