Our Goals

It is a fair question to ask why we are so committed to exposing the crimes committed by Lennar Corporation and its executives. Our position is simple – enough is enough. Our country was nearly brought down recently as a result of rampant fraud perpetrated by greedy corporate executives. But few were punished and almost nobody went to jail as a result. This should change. Now.

Lennar Corporation and its executives are poster children for the worst corporate America has to offer. While brazenly stealing money from current and prospective retirees, swindling partners, and abusing and undermining our legal system, they appear to be convinced that they are above the law and unaccountable for their actions. Arrogance, self-importance, and hubris are inadequate terms to describe these executives.

But that could change as we offer a comprehensive look at their illegal activities and make an airtight case for racketeering on the part of the company and its executives. Many have gone to jail for a small fraction of the crimes committed routinely by this company and its executives. It is our view that this country’s legal system should be “one size fits all” and that there are no “get out of jail free” cards issued to anyone. And we sincerely hope our efforts result in a compelling case for justice on behalf of the myriad victims, large and small, of Lennar.

And if our search for justice results in restitution for their many victims or even saves potential or future victims from exposure to these criminals, then this effort will be worth it.