Billion Dollar Lies

Thanks for taking a look at our Billion Dollar Lies website. If our site and our story alert even one potential victim to the depredations of these corporate criminals, then this effort will have been more than worth it.
Lennar executives rely on geographic diversity, lack of public exposure, slick lawyers, media spin operatives, and the ability to sue and intimidate their victims into submission while continuing their financial crime in progress. But, like bugs under a rock, whenever someone lifts up the rock and sheds light on what is really going on, they erupt into a frenzy of denial, and then employ an army of lawyers, ruinous litigation tactics, bogus press releases and even “useful idiots” in the press to engage in diversion, character assassination, and the like until their victim goes broke or goes away.
In our case, the efforts of Lennar and its lawyers to keep their ill-gotten gains and to win at all costs have resulted in a virtual suspension of the first amendment, due process, and the rule of law. Plus the successful theft of over one hundred million dollars from our jointly-owned company. Not to mention the theft of nearly one billion dollars right out of the pockets of retirees in California. And that is the tip of the iceberg.
I’ll update the blog periodically to report the reaction to our book. We invite you to communicate with us about your Lennar experiences. Our next project will most likely be a documentary featuring key Lennar executives, their lawyers, and the numerous victims we have identified to date. Any input the reader may have to share with us would be helpful to that process.

Nick Marsch