How You Can Help

Our initial goal is to raise the awareness of the crimes committed by Lennar and its executives through the creation and publication of the book and a production of a well-researched documentary. This will cost money. To fund this effort, and to ensure that we have the tools to produce a first-class documentary film, we are turning to the crowdfunding process to finance this project. A small contribution from each of those interested in social justice, and from the many, many victims of this corporation can make a huge difference. We can level the playing field.

Current and past victims include Calpers members, California tax payers who were forced to pick up the tab for the Calpers loss, federal taxpayers, former and current Lennar employees, buyers of substandard homes, swindled partners, unpaid lenders, unsecured creditors, extorted contractors, and a host of others. We sincerely hope you all participate in this effort.

If just 10% of Lennar’s victims contribute, this could be one of the most successful crowdfunded efforts in history. And the result will be wider distribution of our book, the film, and greater awareness for victims of who will realize they are not alone.

How do we measure success? If we are able to raise the awareness of what is going on in regard to this company, if we are able to alert potential future victims to be aware of the dangers of doing business with them, and, as an additional goal, we are able to bring their illicit activities to the attention of enforcement agencies and eventually obtain restitution for their crimes, then we will have succeeded in our efforts.

We ask you to contribute and, importantly, ask other to contribute as well. How much is up to you. If you contribute now, we will keep you informed as we create and film our documentary. And, depending on your level of contribution, let us send you a copy of the updated book, and a DVD copy of the documentary when it is finished and ready for distribution. Click the contribution button for details, and, of course, your contribution is anonymous.

Lastly, we have had numerous people draw our attention to other activities of Lennar and its executives, and have provided valuable information to us. We would like to hear your story. You can communicate with us in confidence through email at and by mail at:


Swan Mountain Press
1745 Broadway, 17th Floor
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